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For Immediate Release

iD4me Welcomes Reforms Critical To Australia’s Privacy Future 

The Government is progressing reforms to Australia’s privacy framework under five key focus areas. These changes will not be enacted until all testing is completed and the draft is agreed upon. The primary focus is on online data aggregators such as Google and Meta. The typical timeline for implementing the proposed changes is 2-4 years after agreement.

The five major points of reform are:

  1. Bringing the Privacy Act into the digital age
  2. Uplifting protections
  3. Increasing clarity and simplicity for entities and individuals
  4. Improving control and transparency for individuals over their personal information
  5. Strengthening enforcement

Here’s What We’re Doing:

  • ISO 2001 Global Data Management Compliance: Completed the first audit in May, with the final audit scheduled for July 2024.
  • Legal Consultation: Engaged DLA Piper, a global law firm, for recommendations and ongoing advice.
  • Cybersecurity Measures: Hired a cybersecurity consultant to conduct penetration testing, ensuring the platform's security against breaches and hacks, with ongoing monitoring.

We ensure:

  • All data acquisition complies with Privacy Act principles.
  • All data matched, appended, and labeled is consented for first- and third-party marketing use.
  • Adherence to ACMA's Do Not Call Registry (DNCR). Compliance with all applicable laws in the collection of personal information.
  • Availability of the date and origin of data for all records on our platform.

At iD4me, we fully support the government's digital reform efforts. We prioritise data and privacy, and in 35 years of providing data to well-known brands both nationally and internationally, we have maintained an impeccable record. Our platform is future-proof, built to industry-leading standards.

Contacting us

Rahul Grover

Executive General Manager

E: rahul@id4me.me 

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