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Training resources

Below, you can find valuable tutorials for navigating the iD4me system and snippets from training demos where training experts discuss specific use cases.

What data does the system have?

How to start searching in the system

What does the 'last seen' column mean?

What does the green tick mean?

What the Do-Not-Call-Register means and how to find it in the system.

What property information does it have?

How do I find ABN details?

How do I find social media links?

Can I download and export the data?

Can I sort the street addresses by street number?

How do I search a street name?

Finding the owner of a property 

How to see D-O-B and refine your search 

How to refine your search

When searching D-O-B, does it have to be the full date?

Searching for family trusts

How often is the Do Not Call Register updated?

What court data can I find?

How can I set up my own database when working a farm?

Using iD4me for prosepcting and your own database

Getting expired listings

Prospecting at open free inspections

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