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Designed for you to up your game. 

Our technology is built to be agile and suit the needs of anyone in many different industries where sales, marketing, and prospecting are vital operations. Below is a general description of how our tools serve your specific industry needs; however, our sales team will find a solution for your needs in any industry.

Real Estate

Get more listings, prospect daily, and never run out of numbers to call with easy access to comprehensive data. Use it to build a farm, call prospects, recover lost clients, prospect at OFI's and more.

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Locate missing debtors with a reverse searchable system and results in seconds, including names, numbers, emails, addresses, DoB, property affiliates, court records, social media and ABN.

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Source accurate, up-to-date, and high-quality data including contact details and personal information. Key insights include address, property affiliates, court records, ABN and social media.

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Prospect daily and chase up leads with high-quality, up-to-date contact information and data. Valuable insights include property details and sociographic data (only available with dataclub).

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Source highly targeted consumer marketing lists with contactable mobiles, emails, and addresses, using a self-service online portal to create your own consumer marketing lists.

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General use

Our services, iD4me Find, Wash and Append, and Dataclub, offer various versatile solutions to any sales and marketing operations, from simply finding the correct contact number to downloading quality data.

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We specialize in finding a solution for anyone in sales, marketing, lead generation, and prospecting.