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About us

Meet team iD4me

We're a small team with 85+ years of experience in data aggregation and software services. Led by founder and CEO Danny Georgakilas, one of Australia’s foremost experts in data collection, who successfully built several platforms acquired and still used by large enterprises today.

Being pioneers in the industry, we're committed to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers by constantly updating and improving our technology to be fast and efficient. We specialize in data collection and identifying new ways of using data to create simple solutions that guarantee (ROI) increases in the Collections, Banking/Finance, Real Estate & DigitalMarketing segments. We have one of the most extensive reaches across Australia and New Zealand.

dan (3)

Danny Georgakilas

Founder & CEO

Danny has over 30 years of experience in data sourcing and is an industry expert. He leads his team with a passion for innovation and a strong belief in the power of data.

E: danny@id4me.me 


Rahul Grover

Executive General Manager

Rahul leads our sales and marketing team with intelligence and a drive to succeed. He is business savvy and sets the bar high, always looking for ways to move the business forward. 

E: rahul@id4me.me Ph: +61 430 500 551 



John Torounoglou

Strategic Account Director

John brings an analytical and outside-the-box thought process to the team at iD4me and acute attention to detail with the clients and businesses he works with. 

E: john@id4me.me Ph: +61 405 599 527


Frank Cirone

Senior Sales Specialist

Frank's expertise and experience lie in investigations and real estate. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team and has developed relationships with many businesses.

E: frank@id4me.me Ph: +61 413 059 558


Peggy Ford

Sales Specialist

Peggy was one of the first users of ID4me as a real estate agent. She now uses her passion and knowledge of the program and guides her clients on using it to succeed in the industry.

E: peggy@id4me.me Ph: +61 475 764 829

jamie (1)-1

Jamie Brunner

Sales Specialist

Jamie comes from a customer service, recruitment, and product sales background with vast experience across several industries, giving her exceptional people skills.

E: jamie@id4me.me Ph: +61 480 250 648


Elly MacDonald

Customer Success Manager

Elly has an extensive administrative and customer service background; her helpful and supportive nature ensures our clients always receive the best service. 

e: elly@id4me.me


Mohit Arora

Financial controller

Mohit brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the team, including key strategic management, financial consulting, and accounting strategy skills. 

e: mohit@id4me.me


Waiaria Putaranui

Marketing Co-ordinator 

Waiaria is our marketing coordinator with a creative flare and innovative thinking. She brings skills in expertise in digital marketing.

e: waiaria@id4me.me

We're also proud to support the following industry professionals.


Tom Panos

Founder Real Estate Gym, Top Real Estate Coach and Trainer. Proud ambassador of iD4me


Aaron Shiner

Real Estate Coach, Trainer, and Mentor at Aaron Shiner. Proud ambassador of iD4me.

Tom (3)

Lisa B

Trainer and Coach of the Real Estate Club, Best-selling Author, and proud member of EXP.


Adam Joske

Head Coach and trainer at Belle Property and Adam Joske Coaching. Proud ambassador of iD4me.


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